πŸ”₯ Introducing ADP v 3.2.1 “Thirdbridge” πŸ”₯

Bridge Your Web2 and Web3 Experiences

Thirdbridge is the First, and Currently the Only, Rapid (d)App Development Platform to Successfully Merge/Bridge Web2&3 Via React Native! Dive Into the Future of Social Networking by Creating Unlimited User Experiences Across Our Decentralized Ecosystem of (d)Apps, Designing Our Own Metaverse One dApp at a Time!

“The Most Advanced Web3 RAD SaaS Ever Created.”

Thirdbridge enables your average everyday Joe and Jane to easily, quickly and securely transition their physical & digital experiences from Web2 to Web3. Powered by ADP 3.2.1, Thirdbridge simplifies the App/dApp development process even further than before by rapidly decreasing the time, effort and energy required to publish Native Mobile (d)Apps to Apple and Google.

The Thirdbridge Ecosystem is incredibly intuitive consisting of three primary Elements of (d)App Design; Core, Gateway and Operable Modules. Modules make it super simple to Design and Publish Traditional and Web3 (d)Apps!

“I Finally Have the Most Comprehensive App Design Tool I Didn’t Know I Needed Until Now…”
Craig Jensen

Enterprise Performance Driven Web Development

Utilize Hosting on a Distributed Graph, Powered by C3 Protocol for the Ultimate Web2/3 User Experience and ultimate interoperability!

Headless Native React Web & Mobile App Development

Build Full-Stack Native React & Web3 dApps, Embed Full-Stack dApps within web-fallback pages or native React screens to design fully custom user interfaces across the decentralized Web!

Deploy Coins & Tokens, Mint NFTs & Raise Funds On-Chain

Choose From Multiple Turn-Key React Native dApp “Boilerplates” to Expedite On-Chain Development! Mint and manage unlimited Coins, Collections, NFTs, Crowdfunds and Stakes!

Comprehensive. Customizable. Controllable. Bridge to Web3 Today!

Thirdbridge Jumpstart enables anyone to Host and Manage Local, Static or Decentralized Apps/APIs, Creating Enterprise-Level Web & Native (d)Apps across the Blockchain from one Central Location!

Curated Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 can be intimidating. No worries though, we are here to answer every question you have!

Thirdbridge is an OpenSource project for anyone interested in Web3, no matter the Age! Certain Content and Materials may be difficult for Young Members to understand, therefor we require all Members Register with a Web3 Wallet like MetaMask. MetaMask has it’s own Terms and Conditions regarding Age of use that anyone looking for more information should refer to their documentation.

Thirdbridge Enables Each Contract Address to Manage/Store Unlimited (d)Apps Within the App Drawer of the Associated Member. Each App Requires Ownership of an NMAC “HostClout” NFT for Long-Term, Mid-Term and Short-Term Enterprise-Level Hosting on Decentralized Servers Across the World!

All Thirdbridge Members are Required to Own an NMAC NFT. Each NFT Grants the Associated Contract Address Access to Specified Content, Tools and Perks Associated With Each NFT Minted. Some NFTs Are Available For Fractions of a Cent, While Others Are One-Time Mints for Unlimited Access to Thirdbridge for Months, Years or Even for Life πŸ™‚

All Transactions on the Blockchain are Permanent. Do Your Own Research Before Sending/Receiving Any Currencies or Tokens From Any Person or Platform. All Thirdbridge Products and Services Are Available for Purchase Via NFTs Only. Credit Cards are Not Accepted. Direct Bank Transfers are Accepted on a Case by Case Basis for Custom Development Projects. No Refunds Offered for Any Products or Services, Leaving the Sale/Transfer of Said Products/Services to the Buyer/Seller to Submit for Listing on OpenSea and Other Associated NFT Marketplaces

If You Can Follow Along With Step-by-Step Tutorials, Read at an Intermediate Level, Can Point, Click, Copy and Paste, You Can Start Pretty Much Anywhere You’d Like Once Registered. Thirdbridge is Designed to Maximize Productivity and Learning While Minimizing Time Wasted Navigating from Module to Module. I You Choose to Start Designing the Native App First, the Administrative Interface Will Detect Whether or Not You Have Steps to Complete and Will Direct You to the Proper Content

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